Oh, Me? You want to know about moi? What should I put here? Or better still, what should I leave out? I spend a lot of time in the company of sausages. Or wishing I were. This is not dirty. I have an undying love for what my father unaffectionately calls “inedible barnyard parts.” I’m a woman of myriad interests: reading (constantly), writing (less than I would like), true crime (wouldn’t it be nice if that were an oxymoron), internal dialogues, feminism (the nice, inclusive kind), oo! baking, voices that scream and voices that croon, roller derby, butts and sometimes the people who own them but more often not, travel, dancing, languages, the ocean, resistance, old movies, heroines, comic books about weird shit, abstract conversations, and rambling. Oh, you guessed that last one, did you? What a clever one.